About us

The Council - at a glance

Lewisham Council is made up of one Mayor, who is elected by the whole borough, and 54 ward councillors – three elected by each of the 18 wards within the borough.

  • Mayor of Lewisham - Damien Egan
  • Chief Executive - Kim Wright

The Mayor 

Our elected Mayor is Damien Egan. He leads the community, speaks up for the borough and makes key decisions about local services.

Damien was elected as Mayor in May 2018. He is passionate about improving the lives of Lewisham’s residents. As Mayor, he has committed to: 

  • deliver 1000 new social homes 
  • make Lewisham a borough of sanctuary for refugees
  • double the number of Living Wage employers in the borough.

Read the Mayor’s Annual Report.

Our councillors

Councillors (also known as Members) are normally elected for four year terms and are responsible for representing the people in their ward on a wide variety of issues. Together with the Mayor, councillors are elected by local people to plan, run, monitor and develop council services. The Council is made up of 53 Labour councillors and one independent councillor. The Mayor chooses councillors to form his Cabinet who help him make decisions. You can find out more about the Cabinet and the current cabinet members’ responsibilities here.

Councillors who are not in the Cabinet participate in Overview and Scrutiny which is another important arm of the Council’s governance arrangements.

See more about overview and scrutiny at Lewisham here.

The Chief Executive 

Our chief executive is Kim Wright.

Kim works closely with the directly elected Mayor and elected councillors to provide:

  • positive results – setting the Council’s management arrangements and practices to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services through well organised and motivated staff 

  • strategic direction – ensuring that the Mayor and Council’s priorities and goals can be implemented through focused strategies, projects and programmes

  • policy advice – acting as the principal policy adviser to the directed elected Mayor and elected councillors and securing best professional advice on all relevant matters in respect of the Council’s functions and services

  • partnerships – leading and developing effective partnerships at management level with other public agencies, private companies and local community organisations to achieve better public services and improved results for local people

  • operational management – ensuring that the Council has the highest standards of achievement in financial and budgetary management; the management of service performance; the management of emergencies and risks generally; the management of suppliers; and the overall management of change and improvement within the Council.

Our Directorates

  • Children and Young People - Executive Director – Pinaki Ghoshal
  • Community Services - Executive Director – Tom Brown
  • Housing, Regeneration and Public Realm- Executive Director – Kevin Sheehan
  • Corporate Resources - Executive Director - Kathy Freeman

Chief Executive's Directorate

  • Assistant Chief Executive - Salene Mulhere
  • Director of Law, Governance and HR – Suki Binjal

The Council's constitution

The Council's constitution is the overall set of rules which governs how the Council operates.

The constitution outlines how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.